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Delegate Hosting leads you to Success

We value your business and your website. That’s why we are passionate to provide you the best of everything right from the beginning.

Easy Control Panel

The easy control panel will take away the headache of managing your web hosting by taking control over the panel.

Permanent Protection

Leave all your worries behind because you are in the safe hands. We give you full protection.

20x Fast Servers

Keep your customers safe and increase your conversion rate with our blazing fast server.

24/7 Technical Support

Got stuck somewhere? Don’t worry we’re just a click away. Reach our technical team at any hour of the day.

Reasons to Choose Delegate Hosting

We provide you with the fundamental features that you need to establish your Classifieds website. Even the advanced features to keep your data safe and secure with Delegate Classifieds Hosting.

SSD Storage

Enjoy the unlimited SSD storage over the cloud. You can never run out of space no matter how huge your business gets.

Automatic Application Updates

We update your site to the latest application and security updates - often within hours of release - to protect you from newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Instant Activation

Get instant activation to expand your business and grow your customers. And never miss a valuable customer.

One-Click App

You just need a one mouse click and your app will be installed with ease. No more hassle.

DDoS Protection

Stay protected from every malicious activity and all type of DDoS attacks. If there occurs any attack, your business will not be affected.

Daily Backups

To prevent any loss, we provide you with daily backups. Keep your valuable data safe with our hosting platform.

Email Protection

Full protection against spam, viruses, and malware attacks. The advance layer of protection will be there to protect your emails.

Free SSL

Ensure the safety of your customer’s website with SSL security. Keep your customer’s sensitive information encrypted.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

With huge data centers and advanced security layer, we are committed to providing you 99.9% Uptime guaranteed.

Free Website Migration

Delegate Hosting will quickly migrate your website, be it large or complex website and that too without any data loss.

Complete Domain Management

Get full control to manage your domain. Host your personal or simple marketing website with Delegate hosting.

Web Application Firewall

You will get complete security with our authentic web application firewall solution. Receive filtered and monitored traffic.

A Full-featured Innovative Platform

Managed hosting that empowers businesses with the ability to unleash the full potential for growth.

A Drag & Drop File Manager

You no longer need an FTP client to send your files online. Just choose the files on your computer and simply drag them onto your browser. It will automatically start the upload.

Analytics from Website Resources

You can individually track your important data such as search engine stats, bandwidth usage, visitors, etc. for each site of yours.

Web Accelerators

To boost the performance of your website and other web applications, use the power of caching. To cache MySQL queries you can take the help of Memcached and Varnish to cache HTTP calls

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World-class Classifieds Hosting Support

Ready to get started? Our experts have got your back 24*7. Some of the world’s top brands rely on Delegate Hosting for a safe and secure Classifieds hosting solution.

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No delay on phone & chat

Best Support

Full Customer satisfaction

Classifieds Hosting comes with Managed Security Solutions

Our Managed Classifieds security solutions keep all your servers safe and secure.

DDOS Protection

Stay protected from every malicious activity and all type of DDoS attacks in Managed Classifieds Hosting. We will save your data at every step.

ModSecurity Firewall

It is an application firewall which is there by default with your account. It gives you protection against the most common hacker attacks.

Anti Virus Protection

We strive to provide our customer’s with the world’s most secure websites by providing them with extraordinary antivirus protection software.

Data Corruption Protection

We continuously perform security auditing to maintain security throughout. We protect your data by installing updated software on your website to keep it safe and secure.

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Our Data Centers are Everywhere

You will find us everywhere. Choose a location of your choice and get the most of it. No matter where your audience is located, we have got a solution for you. Reach your users effortlessly. Reaching your customers can never this easy. Experience the reachability with Delegate Hosting.


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Detailed Technical Specifications

Take a look at the technical specifications. Total secure platform and top-level performance with quality feature and enjoy total peace of mind.

Key Features
Instant Account Activation ?There is no need to wait - your web hosting account is set up immediately after you purchase the service so you can start working on your website.
24/7 Customer Support ?Regardless of whether you need assistance before or after you purchase, our customer support is available for you 24/7.
1 Hour Response Time ?We value your time and that is why our hosting employee will reply within the hour, no matter the nature of your inquiry.
Uptime Guarantee ?Tired of your site timing out, there is no need to worry because here at our hosting we guarantee 99.9% network uptime. 99.9%
Daily Data Backup ?In order to ensure the information you upload on our servers is safe and secure, we back it up every day (as long as the account data is less than 5 GB). In case there is a problem, we can restore the content from the day before.
Money Back Guarantee ?All our shared web hosting packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That way you can try the service for a month and in case it does not suit your needs and requirements, we will return your money. There is no option for a refund after the 30 days have passed and all domain registrations are final and non-refundable after the domain is registered. 30 Days
30-Day Free Trial ?Sign up for our 30-day free trial to see what makes our hosting services special. No credit card required.
Free Features
Free Account Set-up ?Not only your account is set up instantly but we also do not charge you any setup fees - you can simply start working on your websites.
800+ Website Themes ?800+ free templates are available by default with all shared hosting plans and you do not need coding skills or previous experience to build a site. All templates are free of charge.
Online Website Builder ?With all of our shared hosting packages you will get a free online website builder that does not require any design skills or experience since it includes multiple templates and makes website creation a breeze.
100+ Free Apps Installer ?The Elefante Application Installer is included with all our shared hosting packages and it gives you access to install over 40 applications - you can have a blog, a forum or a shopping cart set up within minutes with just a few clicks and no technical skills.
Free VPN Access (5 GB) ?Access blocked websites or use country-restricted services by routing your Internet traffic through a secure connection using multiple access points around the world.
Shared SSL IPs ?Our custom cloud hosting platform will allow you to use a shared IP address for SSL certificates, so you can protect the information that customers submit on your website without spending extra money for an IP.
Dropbox/ Google Drive Backups ?If you have a Dropbox or a Google Drive account, our system can generate daily backups of your files and databases in it, so you will have a copy of your content at all times and you can access it through a personal computer or a mobile device.
Website Migration ?If you are changing hosting providers, we can move all the content for you in a very timely manner and at no extra cost. We will also test your site to make sure that it is working flawlessly before you point your domain name to our cloud platform.
SSD Data Caching ?Our cloud shared hosting platform uses SSD drives working in a RAID for better and much faster performance of your websites. To improve the read and write speeds to some parts of the platform, we also use separate SSDs that are set up as to work as cache only. This setup will boost the speed of your websites even more.
ZFS Storage ?The ZFS file system that we use on our cloud hosting platform is superior to all other file systems out there. It works much faster, which means faster sites and more frequent backups, and due to the real-time checksum comparison it performs on all files, no file can ever get.
ModSecurity ?ModSecurity is a popular Apache module that prevents third parties from using exploits to hack a web application. It uses a set of rules to block certain incoming requests as it monitors the HTTP traffic in real time. ModSecurity comes with each and every shared hosting plan that we offer.
Marketing Tools ?If you need help to get your website more popular, the easy-to-use marketing tools that are included with each package come to the rescue. You can submit your website to search engines as well as publish news and stories.
Administration Tools ?All the packages are provided with Hotlink protection, IP blocking, .htaccess generator and other tools which make advanced administration easy.
Video Tutorials ?Over 40 clips are available through different sections of the web hosting control panel so that you can start finding your way with ease.
Online Documentation ?After carefully studying the questions and difficulties our clients experience with the web hosting control panel and our services, we have compiled an extensive help section with lots of FAQs and tutorials that will help you along the way.
Domains & Subdomains
Subdomains ?Subdomains, also known as child domains, are domains that are part of a larger domain. For example is a subdomain of the domain name Unlimited
Parked Domains ?When you register a domain name just to reserve it for future use, you can use the domain parking feature which allows you to point it to a temporary page (for example "Under Construction") or simply redirect the domain to another site. Unlimited
Full DNS Management ?The web hosting control panel provides you complete access to manage all DNS records of your domain name like changing the A record to point to a different host or the MX records to choose a different mail server to handle your e-mails.
Custom A and MX Records ?The A record of the domain name specifies the IP address where the domain name resolves to while the MX records of the domain name specify the mail servers that handle the e-mail of the domain name.
CNAME Records ?The CNAME record of the domain name redirects the domain to another domain`s A record and therefore creating a CNAME record removes the A record of the domain.
AAAA/SRV/NS/TXT Records ?The advanced features of the web hosting control panel allow you to set up IPv6 related records such as the AAAA record which is used for mapping hostnames to IPv6 addresses. The SRV record (also known as Service record) is used for defining the location of servers for specified services - the hostname and the port number. The NS (Name Server) records of the domain name specify which server handles all the DNS records for this domain name. The SPF e-mail authentication system derives information from the TXT records of the domain name.
Full Whois Management ?We provide you complete access to manage the WHOIS record of the domain name as much as the registry allows you. There are specific restrictions for some of the TLDs and you should refer to the Domains page.
Registrar Lock Option ?This is a security feature available for some TLDs to prevent unwanted domain transfers and thus protect your domain name from theft.We grant you access to lock and unlock the domain names at will via the web hosting control panel.
EPP Transfer Protection ?Some TLDs require this specific EPP transfer authorization key to process domain transfers. This is used in addition or instead of the Registrar Lock for further protection. You can easily obtain the EPP key for your domain names via the web hosting control panel.
ID Protection ?We offer an additional service for all TLDs that support this feature to protect your personal data becoming public in the WHOIS record. That is the best way of protection against spammers and possible identity theft. Optional
Basic Features
Disc Space ?The amount of disk space indicates how much data you can upload on our servers once you purchase a shared hosting account with us. Unlimited
Monthly Traffic ?The monthly traffic shows how much data you can transfer to and from the server each month. That includes uploading the websites and any other files along with all the visits of the websites hosted in this account. Unlimited
Control Panel
Multi-lingual Interface (over 10 languages) ?We have clients from all over the world and therefore the in-house built web hosting control panel is available in over 10 languages and more are on the way to facilitate our international clients.
Colour Skins ?And to make working with our web hosting control panel even more pleasant you can choose the colour theme that suits you best.
E-mail Services
Webmail ?You can choose from the three webmail applications we offer to access and manage your e-mail from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet without any setup or configuration.
E-Mail Forwarding ?This feature allows you to receive the same message in two or more e-mail addresses at the same time or simply redirect all incoming messages from one mailbox to another.
Auto-responders ?If you enable this feature for a specific e-mail account, an e-mail message with a pre-defined text written by you will be automatically sent as a reply to every e-mail that you receive.
Catch-all e-mails ?This feature allows you to collect any messages that have been sent to a mistyped e-mail address
Mailing List Members ?This feature shows you how many people can be subscribed to the same list. Unlimited
Anti-spam Protection ?This e-mail feature protects you from receiving unwanted e-mail messages. If the advanced features are properly adjusted, SpamAssassin will filter up to 99% of the spam.
SPF Protection ?The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) prevents forging of the "FROM" field and thus it protects your domain names from being used for spamming.
DomainKeys Identified Mail ?The DomainKeys Identified Mail system is used to digitally stamp every mail message in order to make sure that it is sent from a trusted server and has not been edited during the delivery itself. By using public and private encryption keys, the system is also used to obstruct email forgery, i.e. disguising an email message to appear as though it was sent from another e-mail address.
Anti-virus Protection ?The ClamAV software has numerous advanced features that guarantee your anti-virus protection by scanning all incoming mail for viruses.
Custom MX Records ?The ability to change the MX records of the domain name or simply add more MX records with different priority allows you to control who is handling your mail service.
Website Controls
Advanced File Manager ?The web hosting control panel is equipped with an advanced file manager that will allow you to easily create, delete, move and rename files and folders. It has many other useful features like the ability to work with drag&drop operations.
FTP Accounts ?The FTP account allows you to establish an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection to the server for faster and easier uploading. Unlimited
FTP Manager ?The web hosting control panel provides you with an FTP Manager that you can use to create FTP accounts with different level of access for each one as well as change the password or delete existing accounts.
SSH/Telnet ?This feature allows advanced users to access and manage the account via secure connection to the server through an SSH/Telnet encryption software. Optional
Website Manager ?The easy-to-use web hosting control panel is also featured with a remarkable website manager that provides you full control over your domain names and subdomains.
Custom Error Pages ?This feature allows you to change the error page that website visitors see if the requested page from your website is not opening for some reason.
Custom Apache Handlers ?This is an advanced feature useful for experienced webmasters to determine how the server will treat various webfiles opposed to using the default Apache configuration.
Custom MIME Types ?This is another feature for advanced webmasters that allows them to determine how browsers will treat various files and file types.
Password Protected Areas ?Enabling a password protection for a certain folder allows you to grant access to a single user or group of people and keep it out of reach for the public..
URL Redirection Tool ?This is another advanced feature of the web hosting control panel that allows you to easily redirect your URLs using permanent or temporary redirection.
Website Statistics
Webalizer Web/FTP Stats ?Webalizer is an advanced web statistics application that provides you extensive reports of the current and previous months with graphics for each month and detailed daily statistics including referral URLs
Access Log Manager ?When you activate the access logs for a certain hostname, there will be a record of every visit and every hit within your site. You can export the log in a text file for external statistical analysis.
Error Log Viewer ?When activated the error log keeps a record of every warning or error that occured on your website so that you can examine them and rectify the issues related to the website.
Traffic Stats ?This feature allows you to monitor the total of incoming and outgoing data transfer for each hostname in your account separately.
MySQL Stats ?This feature provides you information about the daily amount of queries made by each of your databases with an hourly average calculation as well.
Load Stats ?This tool provides you with detailed information about the CPU usage generated by your account over different periods of time - yearly, monthly, daily or even for 6 hour intervals.
Security Features
Mod Security
Anti Virus Protection
Reinforced Security
DDoS Protection
Data Corruption Protection
Web Application Firewall
Advanced Tools
Dedicated IP Address ?A dedicated IP address means that you will be the only one in the world using this exact IP address. For example, if you intend to have an online store with a private SSL certificate you will need a dedicated IP address to install it. Optional
FrontPage Extensions ?This feature gives our web hosting packages compatibility with Microsoft FrontPage so that you can upload and use websites created with FrontPage.
Dreamweaver MX Support ?Our web hosting packages are also compatible with websites created using Dreamweaver - probably one of the most popular web design softwares.
PHP4/PHP5/PHP7 Support ?PHP is one of the most used scripting languages when it comes to creating dynamic web pages and we are proud to support version 4, 5 and 7 to ensure that your website will work flawlessly.
MySQL Database Storage ?This features shows you what is the amount of data that can be stored in all your MySQL databases as a total. Unlimited
phpMyAdmin Access ?phpMyAdmin is a tool that provides complete access to manage your MySQL databases via easy-to-use interface.
phpPgAdmin ?phpPgAdmin is a tool that provides complete access to manage your PostgreSQL databases via easy-to-use interface.
Zend Optimizer ?This software optimizes the work of PHP based applications by enabling them to load and execute Zend Guard encoded files.
Perl 5.8.x ?Perl is one of the general purpose programming languages widely used for web development and thus it is supported by our servers to provide a wider choice for you.
Over 3400 Perl Modules ?Perl modules are packages of software code universally adopted to speed up future developing and you get over 3400 such modules with each of our shared hosting packages.
ImageMagick & GD Library ?Both ImageMagick and GD Library are used for working with image files like PNG, GIF and JPEG among others when generating thumbnails, graphics, charts, etc.
Python ?Python is another general purpose programming language supported by all of our shared hosting packages and its aim is to combine very clear syntax with remarkable power.
IonCube ?Just like Zend Optimizer, IonCube also enhances the performance of PHP applications by enabling them to easily operate with IonCube encoded files.
Server Side Includes ?Server Side Includes are bits of coding that can be integrated into html files to tell them to include other information to be displayed as well. It is a good way of saving time and making sure the exact same information is displayed when it has to appear on different pages.
SSL Certificate Generator ?SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most common way of securing webpages used especially when sensitive data is collected such as personal or billing information. The SSL Certificate Generator will provide you with unsigned SSL code that needs to be approved by an authorized registrar.
InnoDB ?The latest edition of InnoDB offers serious improvements in efficacy, reliability and usability.
OS, Connectivity and Back-Up
Stable Linux with Apache ?Linux is the leading server operating system known to be a stable environment with high security and great productivity and that is why it is used by the 10 fastests supercomputers in the world. Apache is the most popular web server that runs more websites than all other webservers combined.
2.5 Gbit Network ?The data center is using top quality routers and carriers allowing an outstanding Internet connection with combined speed of 2.5 gigabits per second.
Help UPS & Diesel Backup Generator ?We have powerful UPS devices in place and a diesel generator in case of prolonged outages to ensure the uptime of the network.
Customer Service
24/7 Customer Support ?We are here for our customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week - no holidays, no excuses!Different channels of communication are available to suit you best depending on the issue or query that you have.
Phone Support ?Apart from the phone number in US, we also have a AU, UK and international lines available 14 hours day to assist you with any pre-sales, billing or general questions you may have.
Live Chat Support ?Our Live Chat operators are waiting to assist you with your questions and problems in real time to ensure our services are always a better experience for you.
Integrated Ticketing System ?Whenever you experience technicial difficulties, our professional technicians are at your disposal so all you have to do is simply open a ticket from within your web hosting control panel and you will get a reply within the hour with an average response time of 15-20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Classifieds Hosting?

Noah's Classifieds is a classified ads tool that supports an unlimited range of categories and subcategories, varying number of fields per category, image upload, classifieds approval or rejection and classifieds management.

Will you help me migrate my website to your Classifieds hosting platform?

Yes of course. We provide free migration. We will be assisting you throughout.

Will Classifieds be updated automatically?

Yes, our Classifieds Hosting will automatically install all core Classifieds updates for your websites.

Do you provide SSL security with the offered Classifieds plans?

Yes. We provide free SSL certificate for your Classifieds website so you be safe and secure all the time.

Will it be easy for you to handle heavy traffic to my website?

Well, of course. We have Classifieds hosting plans for every size of business. Moreover, you can switch to any higher plan whenever you wish to.